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Grow your competitive edge with data:

more focus, more time and more value.

Leverage your success with bots and data.


You have data. A huge treasure of data on your clients, projects, suppliers and resources. We love data and can help you to realize its full potential.

How we can help you:


Just imagine a 360° view on all of your data. 24/7 and on any device.

Not in silos, but connected and normalized, so that you can directly link data across your systems.

We make this your reality. With AI-ready data repositories, dashboards and reports that give you exactly the information you need to succeed.


The key to success is combining the right questions with good data and smart algorithms.

With AI and data we can augment your Human Intelligence in any data-driven part of your business. From Sales Management, through Resource Planning and HR Analytics all the way to Project Risk Management and Supplier Evaluation.


Over the next 3-5 years more than 30% of all typical office tasks can be automated. This is for sure the case for most “datacrunching” activities.

This is why we automate what we did in the past ourselves.

And we can help you on your automation journey, with Robotic Process Automation and our own RPA-Tool.

In short words:

 We build you a Single Source of Truth with data.

We use advanced analytics to give you valuable insights.

And we make everything visible for you in the most convenient way.


Who we are:

We are a start-up consultancy that solves business problems with data technologies.

In our team we combine hands-on management experience in construction, engineering and automotive industries with expertise in data science from Germany’s best universities.

It is our mission to transform your data into management leverage.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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